Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Husband Hat

For a while now, I have been promising my husband I would crochet him a hat. Well...I finally did it...and, just in time for the cold weather!

I used a mix of dark heather gray and black yarn made of 25% Merino wool 75% microdenier acrylic fibers. The yarn acts and feels lot like acrylic (as that makes up most of the yarn) but the wool gives it an extra bit of warmth.

I loosely followed this
pattern. It was super simple and easy to follow. A great project for a beginner! You cannot really see it from the picture, but it has a solid black band near the bottom of the hat. I put this lower on the hat than the pattern suggests.

Thanks to Crafty Christina for the pattern! Happy crafting!

You can also find the hat on Ravelry!

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