Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My First Quilt

I hope the holiday weekend was good to everyone! It kept me quite busy and away from projects, though I did finish one Halloween place mat. Only seven more to go!

Since I don't have anything new to share, I thought I would post about the first quilt I made. A little over two years ago I decided, along with a friend of mine, that it would be fun to learn to quilt. We found a place that offered a "Fundamentals of Quilt Making by Machine" class, signed up, and went. What a great decision that was! The project was to make a sampler quilt that used blocks that included four Nine-Patches, six Snowballs, an Eight-Pointed Star, a Drunkards Path, a Churn Dash, and an
Ohio Star. In addition to the blocks, it included applique and was machine quilted in a simple grid pattern.

I ended up giving this one to my mom for Christmas, but she hasn't hung it up yet because she "doesn't want it to get ruined." I hope she is not just telling me that!

If you are ever in the Northern Virginia area, I would highly recommend going to the quilt shop I go to, The Artful Quilter. I cannot say enough good things about the women there. I have been to other shops in the area, and they are hands down the best! The friendliest, most helpful ladies that love quilting...and they have GREAT fabrics, too!


  1. I really like your first quilt! And your Mom is telling you the truth, that she just doesn't want it to get ruined. First quilts are special.
    My first one was a nine patch.
    Sounds like a great quilt shop. If I'm ever in that area, I will be sure to visit it!

  2. Hi Suzi,
    I love the colours of your first quilt, well done. It looks like you were pretty good at piecing. It's such a daunting process to start. As I'm sure you know you basically have to learn a whole new language!
    I don't know about you but it didn't take long to have me completely sucked in :)
    I'm sure your mum is really proud of your work and I'm guessing she's of the generation that 'saves thing for good'.
    Happy sewing,

  3. Beautiful quilt!!! Greetings from Uruguay

  4. Thanks all! Yes, my mom is totally the type of person who loves to save things and keep them safe.

    Thank you for the positive comments...happy quilting :)

  5. What a lovely first quilt! I would have never have guessed.


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