Thursday, November 5, 2009

Scratchy Scarf

WARNING: Bernat Alpaca Natural Blends yarn is deceiving!

My boss bullied me into making asked me to make her a scarf for her birthday. She demanded said she would like it in black. I went to the Michaels that is next to my work and picked up what I thought was a soft and lofty yarn. Boy, was I wrong!

Yes, the yarn was soft to the touch in the skein, but once worked up into the scarf it was horribly itchy and too painful to wear. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how unwearable it was until I was finished with the scarf and put it around my own neck. By that time it was too late to make another.

On the other hand, I LOVED the pattern. I will be surely making this scarf again (with a different yarn, of course).

Happy crafting!

P.S. My boss is really nice, and her husband reads my blog :)


  1. Thanks for the tip!!! The scarf is beautiful. I bookmarked the pattern. Great finish!

  2. Argh! No joke there! I just finished a custom NB hat for an order...and nope, this alpaca is never going on a baby's head. It's so prickly I could hardly stand to hold it when I was done. Whhyyyyy did it feel so soft in the skein?!


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