Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Battle of the Carrot Cakes

This Easter we had Battle of the Carrot Cakes. My (favorite) sister-in-law and I both made carrot cakes for Easter dessert. While mine was good, I must say, her cake was way better. The frosting was great and the cake was more moist. (On a side note, I hate the word moist and only use it when referring to cakes.) I thought I would try a Carrot Bundt Cake With Cream Cheese Glaze found at recipezaar.com.

But nothing beats a traditional two-layer carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! I think my sister-in-law said she got the recipe from Perfect Cakes by Nick Malgieri. She added her own twist by putting toasted coconut on the top and walnuts on the side. It was wonderful!

In addition to the carrot cakes, my mom and I decorated some sugar cookies in a Easter theme. Bunnies, and roosters, and geese, oh my!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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