Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! Party!

Happy Halloween! This is my favorite holiday...the holiday where you get to be whatever you want to be! What is better than that? And, to make it even better, I hosted my first-ever Halloween party last night. Here's what went on!

Head Cheese (dill and cream cheese dip with prosciutto)

Swamp Things (black olives, blackberries, figs, blue cheese, and crackers)

Lady Fingers (almond cookies with jelly) - recipe
Deviled Egg (with sweet red pepper horns and beards)

Mummies (crescent wrapped lil' smokies with mustard eyes)

Black Death (black current, black cherry, brandy, and seltzer)

Eyeballs (mozzarella balls and olive slices)

The Spread

I used century-old family photos, candles, and cobwebs to create an eerie ambiance.
And there you have it...some of my decorations and my food! I hope you Halloween is/was just as fun as mine!

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