Friday, October 1, 2010

It's a Gurley Halloween

My mom came across a box full of vintage Halloween items the other day at one of her sales, and she so graciously shared some of her findings with me. See, Halloween is not her favorite holiday...but it sure is mine!

In this box, there were some pretty fabulous Gurley candles! Gurley Novelty, in Buffalo, NY, produced figurine candles that were designed and manufactured by  candle maker Franklin Gurley. The candles were commissioned by the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company (now ExxonMobile) for the original purpose of using the excess paraffin that was produced during the oil refinery process, and were around in the 1930s. Gurley candles were originally produces under the name  Tavern Novelty Candles, but was bought out by Gurley in 1949. Over time, Gurley's business went from paraffin confections such as wax lips and teeth to almost exclusively candle production. Tavern was bought out and the name was changed to Gurley Novelty in 1949. Gurley Novelty made candles for all the major holidays, but the Christmas and Halloween ones are the most sought after.

I share my collection with you...

Gurley Orange Ghost Halloween Candle - Set of 2
1960s Gurley Skeleton with Orange Robe Halloween Candle
Gurley Gray Ghost Halloween Candle

Gurley Florescent Witch with Jack O'Lantern Halloween Candle

Gurley Pumpkin Man Scarecrow Halloween Candles - Set of 2

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