Thursday, October 14, 2010

Turned 30

Sorry I have been MIA lately. It has been kind of crazy around here.

On the craft-front: I got a space at The Soundry to sell my crochet necklaces, so I have been making those like crazy! I will start selling there November 1, and plan to have more necklaces up on my Etsy shop soon.

On the home-front: We tore out and replanted bushes at the back of the house and tore out and expanded the flowerbeds at the front and side of our house. I first talked about it in July! So good to have it finally done. Pics to come...

On the vintage-front: I have been promoting a vintage Halloween via Facebook, here, and through Etsy treasuries (you can find some fabulous Vintage Market Team Halloween challenge treasuries here!), and gearing up for the Christmas season. I took pictures of holiday jewelry last weekend, and hope to start posting those within the next couple of weeks.

On the personal-front: I turned 30 a month ago! And...two days later I went out for a run and rolled my ankle at mile 1.5. I continued for another 5.5 miles to finish the 7 mile run. That night I had my combined birthday party with my best friend, Holly. The plan was that when we turned 30—no matter where we were—we were going to be wearing fabulous dresses. And, of course, I had to wear heals that were just as fabulous! Needless to say, the next day I was on the couch with my foot up on pillows, icing it with bags of frozen peas...with a headache from the night before, to boot. But, we did look faboulous!

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