Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vintage Salt and Peppers

My grandma had the best collection of salt and pepper shakers. Every time I see the little pairs at a flea market, yard sale, or thrift store, it reminds me of her. Ceramic, wood, doesn't matter. I have a special place in my heart for SnPs. I only wish I had some photos of her's to post, but I will share what I have or have had in my shop...

Vintage Mod Nesting Donut and Post Salt and Pepper Shaker Set - Italy
Vintage Mini Lusterware Salt and Pepper Shaker Set - Japan
1960s Holt-Howard Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Vintage Bouquet Salt and Pepper Shaker Set - Japan
Vintage Kiss the Cook Salt and Pepper Shakers - Japan
Vintage Clear Plastic Salt and Pepper Set
Be they plain and simple, mod and bold, cute and colorful...I love them all!

Oh, and check out Southern Lady's Vintage blog for her weekly blog hop. This week is Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers!


  1. i love all of these - especially the first red and blue set.

    oh no .... i'm starting to see the charm of salt&pepper collections ....

  2. You have LOTS of cute ones!! Thank you so much for sharing them and linking in for Vintage Love Saturday!! I hope you come back! I enjoyed these!

  3. Those are so much fun!!
    A nice collection.
    I just found your blog and really like it!


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