Friday, November 5, 2010

Crochet Baby Jacket

I had previously posted that I was planning to make my goddaughter the Stargazer Sweater from Crochet Today! for Christmas, but I have decided to make the Baby Jacket by Mari Lynn Patrick that was in the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Crochet Today! The change in my gift simply came from the fact that I cannot find the issue that has the Stargazer Sweater pattern...and the Baby Jacket is just as cute and snuggly.

Baby Jacket

I am using Eco-Ways by Red Heart in Lichen. Eco-Ways is made from 30% recycled polyester fashioned from plastics found in soda and water bottles. Though it doesn't sound like it would be soft and comfortable against the skin, it actually is! I am also using a J hook versus the pattern's I hook because my swatch was measuring too small. The pattern is pretty easy so far and working up quite quickly. After only working on it for two hours, this is what I have so far...



  1. how do i get the pattern for this beautiful green jacket

    1. Darlene, that's something a number of us would like to know. Unfortunately, the magazine that this was published in is now out of print. I have found out from New Stitch A Day site, after asking around in a couple of online crochet groups that the stitch used is called Popcorn Waffle stitch. If you Google it you'll find their video on how to do the stitch.


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