Friday, December 10, 2010

Letterpress Christmas Card

So, I have always been in love with letterpress. In fact, it is sort of my dream to buy one and start selling cards, stationery, and invitations on Etsy. Maybe someday....*wistfully looks off into the corner of the room*

Last weekend, I took a letterpress workshop in Alexadria, VA. I figured if this was something I thought I really wanted to do, then I better actually get to it and take a workshop. And, as I had hoped, my love for letterpress was confirmed and solidified!

At the workshop, hosted by Stewart Bradely from Railway Station Press, we learned to set type, lock the chase, set the tympan paper and gauge pins, and ink the press (a beautiful tabletop Chandler and Price Pilot!). We made 40 copies of our own design—mine being Christmas cards.

From my home to your's...Merry Christmas!

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