Friday, January 21, 2011

Letterpress Tray Jewelry Organizer

This was my latest project. I turned an old letterpress type tray into a wall-hanging jewelry organizer and display! It took quite a while to complete, as I had to take breaks when my knuckles were getting raw from twisting and pushing the eye hooks into the hard wood of the trays. But all the pain and effort was worth it! I just love my new jewelry organization method! Check it out...


  1. hey, i like this! maybe i'll do that with a couple of printers trays at my house ... on the other hand, i'll probably give them back to the rightful owner.

    what a great way to store and display your jewelry!

  2. this is awesome... i have a massive love of printmaking as i'm an illustration graduate, and my girlfriend's been in desperate need of a new jewellery arranging solution... this will work perfectly!


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